Expect the Unimaginable

What gives certain people the special ability to defy the odds, overcome devastating adversity, shatter glass ceilings, or act heroically? We know that a few chosen individuals are both blessed with, and through incredible dedication and hard work, hone their skills and gifts to become acclaimed figures. Beyond the Stephen Hawkings, Serena Williamses, and Mother Theresas, there are everyday people who accomplish extraordinary feats as well. Emerging and healing from critical illnesses, recovering from addictions, abundantly sharing what little they have with others are all ways in which we, or others, can create miracles.

How easy it is, though, to underestimate ourselves and other people, especially when our low expectations have been proven accurate in the past. We may have started out in life as hopeful, positive dreamers capable of almost anything, and then the world and its impositions slowly chipped away at our confidence and idealism. As adults, we may even be convinced that the best predictor of the future is past shortfalls and mistakes. In doing so, we limit our aspirations and possible outcomes, and we give others the impression that we don’t have faith in them either. The most destructive result of this type of limited thinking is that we quash our immeasurable successes and those of others before they can even take shape.

                                          THOUGHTS ARE ENERGY!

Our thoughts dictate how we act, both overtly and subconsciously. And while we may or may not recognize it, that energy is received by everyone and every experience around us. Even when we are sure we are disguising our negative and fearful thoughts, our energy is closed off and pushed down. We aren’t available to give and receive care, comfort, joy, enthusiasm, support in the same way we would if we were having positive, calm thoughts.

Our energy produces an infinite and powerful ripple effect. Every single person we encounter every single day is a part of that vast movement of energy. We know that if we meet someone with our negative emotions, there is a chance that their thoughts will waver toward anxiety or disapproval, and they may respond in kind, perpetuating negativity toward those people they subsequently encounter. Conversely, if we meet someone with a smile and a joyful, peaceful demeanor, that person is likely to feel uplifted and act accordingly.  And it just spreads from there.

On an individual level, your thoughts and energy contribute to what comes back to you. Our experiences manifest as an indirect reflection of how we view ourselves and our available opportunities. If we meet the world with gratitude, acceptance, and confidence, the world and the people we come into contact with will rise up to meet us at our level of expectation.

One of the most courageous, badass things we can do in this life is to believe in the power of the human spirit to accomplish the unimaginable.  To have faith in the limitless potential we each possess is the surest path to our personal success and the success of those we care about.  Pass it on.

2 thoughts on “Expect the Unimaginable

    1. I completely agree with you about the law of attraction, Mary! The more I believe in it, the more it proves itself to work 😉 Thanks for your thoughts on this!

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