The Journey Always Shapes Us. We Decide How.

So many twists and turns have cropped up on the journey, even more so over the past year, to be sure. And yes, there are problems to be solved – some of them loom overwhelmingly large.

But life is a vast series of experiences from which to select perspective. We weigh the good and the bad. We formulate our thoughts and feelings.

The journey always shapes us. We decide how.

Unstable childhoods, grim life events, harmful relationships, disappointments and dead ends are a few of the storms we may have had to personally navigate. Mindset becomes a choice – an all-powerful design for living triumphantly and peacefully. If we have been clothed in cloaks of powerlessness, it’s time to shed the restraints and embrace our freedom, to step into our true inner-strength.

We have one chance at this life.

We can decide to see all of the problems because, yes, they will always be there if that’s what we’re looking for. Or we can take back our power, to focus forward, to live in the lightness. Detach from everything and everyone we cannot control. Indulge in simple pleasures. Plot something upbeat to anticipate in the future. Take the next step.

Live in the magic.

“Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved.” -Winnie the Pooh

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