Signs. Divine energy. Spiritual messages. Metaphysical sensations. Intuitive encounters. Do you believe in any of these concepts? I am an absolute skeptic, nonreligious, and yet, hopeful. Everyone has their own personal beliefs about what happens when we pass from this life and this physical body. Some people just “know” that there is something better awaiting… Continue reading Signs?


Freedom. What does it mean to you? We are living in the midst of a historic year that will not allow us to take our freedoms for granted. From a global pandemic that has stripped us of the freedom to live, work, and move about in the ways we were used to doing, to bearing… Continue reading Freedom


Perspective. Everything is in a state of flux right now and people are worried about school closings, the stock market free-fall, event cancellations, social distancing, travel bans…and yes, toilet paper. As I write this I am sitting by my mother’s bedside. We placed her in hospice care two days ago, and now my most important… Continue reading Perspective

Are Our Adult Children’s Beliefs and Actions a Reflection On Us?

Has your adult or teen daughter or son ever made a decision or expressed an opinion that you don’t understand, agree with, or worse, that you feel distressed about?  If so, how did you respond?  Were you able to detach and allow your child to be who they are and think how they choose, even if… Continue reading Are Our Adult Children’s Beliefs and Actions a Reflection On Us?

Expect the Unimaginable

What gives certain people the special ability to defy the odds, overcome devastating adversity, shatter glass ceilings, or act heroically? We know that a few chosen individuals are both blessed with, and through incredible dedication and hard work, hone their skills and gifts to become acclaimed figures. Beyond the Stephen Hawkings, Serena Williamses, and Mother… Continue reading Expect the Unimaginable