Meet Julie

Julie Reinwald is a personal development writer and blogger who is passionate about inspiring others to design their best possible lives in the face of deeply challenging circumstances.  She is currently earning her master’s degree in Leadership and volunteers weekly as a mentor/tutor at a correctional facility.

Julie has experience in family recovery from substance abuse and mental health issues, and she believes that every individual is on a uniquely personal journey toward self-actualization.

Reverie Masters was conceived out of the belief that it’s never too late to begin again.  We don’t always know ourselves well as we’re navigating through life.  We may have done what was expected of us or what we thought was best for others.  Some of us have been presented with challenges, obstacles, and dark periods of time that required nothing short of mere survival to move through.  We lost ourselves along the way.

But we all have the potential to transform our pasts into something better and to realize our highest potential.  By doing so we reclaim our lives, master our dreams, and spread joy and hope to others.